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A licensed medical Esthetician with 16+ years of experience and is widely regarded as the “Skincare Specialist to the Stars.” She develops strategies and procedures to promote healthy and flawless skin for thousands of clients. Keeping her clients looking and feeling fabulous, she utilizes a combination of cutting-edge skin solutions including Ultherapy, Intraceuticals…

Oxygen Facial, Microneedling, Vi Peel, and LED Mask therapy.

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Andrea Vignolo is a licensed medical Esthetician who was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She has a strong passion for aesthetics and skin care and loves to educate patients on personalized regimes. Andrea welcomes all clients with her radiating energy and stays updated with patient care at all times. She ensures that all patients have an outstanding experience and are well taken care of…

When Andrea isn't at the office, she loves to invest her time working out and playing with her puppy! Andrea loves to spread positivity and instill a healthy lifestyle in all. 

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Francesca Padron is a U.S based Makeup Artist and Esthetician. Her passion for beauty was ignited by her grandmother, who was a lead makeup artist for Max Factor. Being engaged in the cosmetic industry at a young age, soon her passion blossomed into a career. Francesca started out as an assistant on shoots for Amanda Lepore in the 2009 edition of the Russian expatriate culture…

magazine, Depesha; which encouraged her to continue pursuing makeup.

A major milestone in Frankie’s career was when her work lit up the huge Toshiba billboard in Times Square in 2012. From there Frankie has been on a spree, showcasing her unique and innovative beauty techniques. Frankie has worked persistently with her work being featured in ad campaigns and look books for brands such as Hanky Panky, and GCDS to name few.

Her clientele includes high profile celebrities such as Nancy Pelosi, CEO of Apple TIm Cook, CEO of Starbucks Kevin Johnson and former CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz, CEO of Equinox Niki Leondakis, Tony Robbins, CEO of Van Cleef Helen King, The Real Housewives of New York among others. Currently working on networks such as CNBC, CNN, NBC, Bravo, Nasdaq, Fox, and CBS, Francesca looks forward for new ventures to expand her reach in the beauty industry.

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