A practice of mindfulness is time that we devote to giving rise to our best selves. Practiced formally or informally, it is simply showing up for ourselves.

Bringing attention to all five senses benefits from an environment of serenity. You may only have a small space available to create an altar or place of relaxation but creating this space of mindfulness is a step toward creating consistency.

Each time you return to this space, you are naturally brought back to where are you left off in your practice. The space may contain reminders of what matters most to you, or items that help you connect with mindful intentions.

When creating this space, pay attention to how the surroundings make you feel. Make it whatever serves you. We may not be able to control how much natural light or ambient sound surrounds us in this space. Just let these distractions become part of coming to awareness and letting go.

Cultivating mindfulness, this space should facilitate you in checking in, becoming attuned with all of your senses, reducing stress, moving away from judgment, and transforming the quality of your experience.

Practiced consistently, we see transformations manifest from thoughts into various health benefits, new ways of relating to others and the world around us. The practice sort of galvanizes of our core. Thus, what we practice in this space carries over to moments away from it.

Creating a small altar may be the extent to which we can regulate our external environment, but we don’t need more than that to alter our inner landscape.