Santi Burgas

Primal Waters Aroma De Hormiguero Eau de Toilette


NOTES:; Naturally occurring formic acid derivatives (formates), algae accord, fresh mushroom accord, geosmin, galbanum, mastic tree resin, patchouli, oakmoss, fir balsam, vetiver, artemisia and petitgrain.

Size: 3.4 oz

A as in ADH "Aroma de Hormiguero": The scent of the anthill. An imaginative depiction of the inner sanctum of ants, their organized society and their myriad twisted little tunnels. "A" is a complex, almost abstract perfume that blends derivatives of formic acid (formates... the term "formic" comes from the Latin word for "ant" formica as it is important in this insects' metabolism) and an earthy mushroom accord reminiscent of lichen, which is the ants' preferred food. Crisp fir balsam and green encounter vetiver, patchouli and oakmoss, spiked by geosmin and algae notes. A natural synergy of rich naturals and synthetics delivers a most singular perfume.

The wooden cap is made of hazelnut tree wood, collected from the annual pruning in the fields near Santi Burgas headquarters. Each top is different as they are natural, no tree is cut down to make them.

-Fragrance is intensified by the warmth of your own body. Apply in the creases of your knees and elbows for a longer-lasting, stronger scent. -After applying, avoid rubbing or dabbing skin. This breaks down the fragrance, causing it to wear off more quickly.

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