Hank 43 - Ceramic Vented Radial Brush


The Hank 43 - Ceramic Radial Brush is a styling brush for quick and easy blow-drying. The vent holes in the barrel allow heat from the blow-dryer to circulate at the roots, to create volume.

  • Recommended for all hair types; Except fine and delicate hair. Use the Hank 43 to straighten and smooth or to add volume and bounce
Blow-dry hair until almost dry. Work with small to medium sections and place hank at the roots and apply heat by directing blow-dryer at the barrel. Maintain tension as you move hank through the hair.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rikki Eastwood
Didn't realise a hairbrush could make a difference

Ok seriously, I thought a hair brush was a hairbrush until I decided to read the reviews on brushes like this. It was legit the most amount of money I was going to be spending on a hairbrush ever! So I bought this and chose the size under guidance of my hairdresser. I have just below shoulder hair that is growing out. It is fine hair but thick as in lots of it. This brush legitimately helped me get even closer to getting that hairdresser blow wave feel and look. It'm now converted.

Laurel Winters
Game Changer

This is a great styling brush! It's easy to use and the pik on the end is great for sectioning. I am able to add volume easily and also style my hair with a bit of a wave or straight.

Trixie Simons
Great for straightening

This brush works really well for blowdying my long, curly hair straight. The bristles hold my hair in place well (although may not be good for finer hair), and the ceramic barrel heats up quickly and evenly to help dry hair faster. The bristles are also very resistant to heat; I've been using this brush for quite some time now and they haven't bowed or bent like they do on cheaper brushes. Well worth the investment.

Carrie Weels

Good quality and easy to use. Doesn't pull hair. Very easy to clean. Will buy other brushes as well.

Macie Clarks
helps alot!

I have quite fine hair and am always looking to create volume! this definitely helps with that process, bristles are also not too hard on the hair/scalp.