Bruce 28 - Natural Bristle Radial Brush


The Bruce 28 - Natural Bristle Radial Brush is a styling brush used for blow-drying longer hair. The boar bristles distribute natural oils and polish hair smooth.

  • Recommended for all hair types; Especially long thick, wavy or curly hair. Use to straighten and smooth or to add volume and bounce
Blow-dry hair until almost dry. Work with small to medium sections and place bruce at the roots and apply heat by directing a blow-dryer at the barrel. maintain tension as you move bruce through the hair.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Addison Daniels
Beautifully made

Great quality brush. I have a mason Pearson, but I wanted a brush I could do my blow out styles.

Bianca Andrews
Just what I've been looking for

This brush is a great all rounder, from producing straight to bouncy blow dries and gliding through the hair seamlessly. It also does a fine job in dispersing the oil from the roots down to the rest of the hair or creating a slick ponytail.

Navila W.
Prefer this to Mason Pearson

My fine and thin hair tends to become flyaway or static when I brush it. Not with the Bruce.

I also have a Mason Pearson brush but prefer this one as it is much more versatile and heaps easier to clean. That's important because my hair is also prone to oiliness and any product residue transferred from a brush weighs it down.

Mia Landry
Hair game changer!

I was a little unsure if I needed this brush but after one use I was convinced. I recently started bleaching my hair and noticed the damage. This brush has really helped with dry ends and styling. For the first time, I have started to enjoy brushing my hair

Cathy Kirks
Nature's Best

Quality brush handle and bristles , assists in a quick blowdry