Bruce 22 - Natural Bristle Radial Brush


The Bruce 22 - Natural Bristle Radial Brush is a styling brush used for blow-drying longer hair. The boar bristles distribute natural oils and polish hair smooth.

  • Recommended for all hair types; Especially long thick, wavy or curly hair. Use to straighten and smooth or to add volume and bounce
Blow-dry hair until almost dry. Work with small to medium sections and place bruce at the roots and apply heat by directing a blow-dryer at the barrel. maintain tension as you move bruce through the hair.

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Customer Reviews

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Nancy Webb
High Quality brush!

Quality, easy grip brush that did the job smoothing my hair! Since it was so good I’m gonna order another size for large curls today too!

Camille Acosta
Great round brush

I was looking to upgrade my brushes and, with fine hair, I wanted to get brushes to help me get a better blow dry. I was drawn to the Evo line because they seemed to be good quality, had a variety of different brushes and combs and are just plain pretty for a coordinated set!
The Bruce line tick all the boxes - the boar bristle is densely packed, the brush isn't not too heavy, it has a sectioning pick and a comfortable handle. I did find it shed during my first two uses but that seems to have stopped.
I've always owned at least one boar-bristle radial brush but I think quality makes a big difference, as the result I'm getting from my Bruce is far better. I get less volume than with a ceramic vented brush but noticeably more shine. I can get the best of both worlds by using a Hank brush first to add volume, smooth and dry the section; and, with the hair still hot, I put the hairdryer down and grab a Bruce to run through the section several times until its cool. It's a trick a hairdresser taught me - the cold bristle brush helps to get the curl in, set the section and add shine, and it's easier to do at home yourself.
The Bruce 28 is great to get a good wave/curl into the hair. Easy to work with. Highly recommended for medium-long hair.

Olivia Russo
Great value

I cannot rave about EVO brushes enough, they are strong unlike plastic and great quality! Perfect for my sometimes unruly hair. I believe its worth the money to invest in a long lasting brush.