Fabuloso Color Boosting Treatment - Cool Brown


The EVO Fabuloso - Cool Brown Color Boosting Treatment provides an instant color boost, combined with a nourishing treatment to refresh and tone color. The treatment revives and adds shine in just 3 minutes.

Size: 7.5 oz


Wash and towel dry hair. Wear gloves. Spread desired amount, depending on hair length, with a comb or fingers. Wait 3 minutes, then rinse until water runs clear. Use weekly. For a more intense result, use with Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Toning Shampoo.
Panthenol, cetrimonium chloride, cationic hair dye basic brown, cationic hair dye basic blue, panthenol, cetrimonium chloride, cationic hair dye basic brown, cationic hair dye basic blue, aqua, cetearyl alcohol, peg-20 stearate, acetamide mea, argania spinosa kernel oil, parfum, amodimethicone, cetrimonium chloride, trideceth-12, phenoxyethanol, dehydroacetic acid, benzoic acid, macadamia nut oil, benzophenone-4, glycerin

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Customer Reviews

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Cathy Maxwell

I have had bleached hair for the past 5 or so years, and prior to using this my ends were a light brown (about a level 8) and the last time I bleached my roots (my hair is naturally black) was almost 9 months ago. I wanted to stay away from bleach until my hair is completely grown out as it's quite damaged and my regrowth has been looking hideous! I have been wanting to go dark again for some time but I didn't wanted something permanent so I thought I'd try this, seeing as the reviews overall seem positive. I'm currently letting my hair air dry as I'm typing this but I can see that I am now left with the most beautiful dark, ashy chestnut kinda shade and my regrowth is less obvious now! I'm so happy with the result and I can't wait to see how this looks once dry and how it'll fade once I start washing it here and there. Application was smooth, it's not too thick or runny so the texture is great, and it has a nice scent to it that isn't overpowering. My hair sits down just below the boob area and is naturally fine, I definitely can see I'd get around 3 uses out of the one tube! Of course if you have less regrowth and thicker hair than me you may not get multiple uses so keep that in mind. I highly recommend trying if you need to fresh up your colour or you want to experiment with going darker without the commitment!

Samantha James
Perfect to revive your colour

I purchased this in lockdown as it's been many months since I've been to a hairdresser. I have medium brown hair with a warm, dark blonde balayage - recently the blonde bits have become almost white-ish blonde and not at all what I'm after, so I purchased this to try and tone them down. I have warmer toned hair, but I ended up purchasing the cool brown (none of the other colours seemed suitable) - I was worried it would be too cool toned, but it's not too bad, it does give a slight ashy colour but it's quite nice. It toned down the blond so instead of looking like I have grown-out highlights, it just looks like there's more dimension in my hair. I have brown marble tiles in my shower so can't comment on how it stained the shower, but it did slightly discolour the underside of my fingernails (mostly came off with shampoo). Honestly, now I have this, it'll probably be a while before I head back to the salon. Would definitely recommend especially for the price - I have been using once a week so it'll last a while.

Nicole Rivas
Perfect to bring your colour back to life!

I purchased this as I felt my colour was throwing a warm tone so I wanted to cool it down. It definitely did the job! Very happy and a little bit went a long way. Good value for money

Kylie Hendricks
Lockdown hair saviour

A sample of this came at just the right time, as I wasn't able to go to the hairdresser for my usual cut and colour session due to lockdown. My hair was looking worse for wear before I tried this, and I had serious reservations this product would do anything, however when this did everything it promised I was massively surprised (and impressed)! This miracle product revived my hair colour and made it a shinier and more vibrant dark brown. It also conditioned my hair, making it super soft and the smell it left was just divine. I was somewhat wary this would be a messy 'dye in a box' experience with ruined towels, clothes and a dirty bathroom, but this was super easy to apply and didn't discolour my shower or my towels afterwards. I'd definitely recommend this for anyone who's trying to get by until hairdressers re-open - but just be aware that it doesn't really do much for those pesky greys but the overall effect of nicer hair all round makes them less obvious.