CellLift Revitalizing Serum (1.01 oz)

$278.44 $371.25

The precious elixir treasured by all women who demand the best in cellular cosmetics, for a powerful and incomparable glow.

Size: 1.01 oz


Morning and evening, throughout the year, as a complement to the Cellcosmet cellular cream best suited to your skin’s physiological age and sensitivity

Active Ingredients:

- Stabilized cellular extracts (10%):

revitalising, rebalancing

- Expert Hyaluron Complex:

very moisturizing*, plumping, instant smoothing effect, restructuring, encourages cellular regeneration, forms a supportive mesh

- Hyaluronic Liposomic Complex:

very hydrating*, restores the lipid barrier, counteracts transepidermal water loss

- Aloe Ferox:

highly soothing, healing, soothes skin eruptions, smoothing and tightening effect

- Phyto-Tensor Complex:

instant smoothing effect, long-lasting firming and hydrating* effect, anti-dehydrating* filmogenic effect

- DNA:

highly regenerating and healing, intensely hydrating*, antioxidant

- Kombucha:

activates the microcirculation in the skin, provides a remarkable radiant complexion, refines the skin texture, anti-glycation effect, smoothes the skin surface, antioxidant

- Fermeclat Peptide Complex:

improves tissue oxygenation, reveals a brighter complexion, anti-elastase, anti-collagenase, helps reduce the effects of UV exposure to the connective tissue

- Dermo-Relaxing Peptide Complex:

reduces expression lines

Ingredients are subject to change at the manufacturer's discretion. For the most complete and up-to-date list of ingredients, refer to the product packaging.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Claire Walters
It works

It is something that you can see the result after using for a while. But I really need to put cream on top of it, or else I feel a a little sticky.

Cristina Matthews
Seeing is believing!

Just bought my second bottle of the serum. It is very expensive but I have definitely seen results.Did some research on the line and it is very special! Just makes my skin look better and healthy in many ways! I give it five stars. It improves texture, fine lines and protects the skin as well! I highly recommend this product!!

Mary Williams
Love it!

I've been using this product for about 6 weeks now. It gives my face a refined smooth look. Very happy with the results - will purchase their cellular bust cream next.

Bradi Santos
Instant Radiance

This product recently turned into my holy grail. I couldn't live without it. After applying it, the effects are immediate. Your skin is radiant, plump, smooth and tight. When I use this, people always tell me that I look well rested, even though I may have only had 4 hours of sleep. The downside, is that it can get slightly sticky and the price. But you get what you pay for and this is definitely worth it!