Couleurs Couture Conditioner (10.1 oz)


An intensely moisturizing conditioner for colored, damaged and over-processed hair. The conditioner focuses on nourishing, detangling and strengthening the hair deeply from within. Enriched with a unique blend of Argan Elixir, Silk, and Cashmere protein for soft and shiny hair.

Size: 10.1 oz


Apply to towel-dry hair, massage softly and rinse thoroughly after 3 minutes.
The carefully selected ingredients Argan Elixir, Silk- and Cashmere protein are enhanced with Quinoa Seed- and Cocos Oil. They repair and strengthen the hair deeply from within. The advanced formula moisturizes the hair and leaves the hair smooth and without frizz. Cashmere Protein (Hydrolyzed Keratin) is a hair-identical protein. It strengthens the cohesion of hair and improves the ease of combing through the hair while avoiding breakage.

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