Professional Ceramic Round Brush (XL)


Professional Round Brush with ceramic coating that emits negative ions, closes hair cuticles, locks in moisture and reduces frizz and flyaway hair.


Apply the Thermal Protection spray to protect the hair. Place the Ceramic Round Brush against the roots and let the tool work with the hair dryer. Move the brush slowly from the roots to the ends while twisting the brush to the side where the wave has to go up. Use the hair dryer at the same speed so that it goes down with the brush. Repeat these steps for every hair section.

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Frank Cortese

Love it

Jeanmarie Tari
Balmain Extra Long Barrel Ceramic Round Brush

I have been looking for a round brush with an extended barrel for about 2 years since my previous one snapped in half. I used this brush today for the first time and I really loved the results. My hair is down to the middle of my back so this brush makes it easier to get larger sections of hair around it. I was also able to straighten my bangs with it which made me extremely happy. I will definitely be ordering another soon to have as a spare! Additionally, I was so thrilled with the free gift of the Elastidem from Obagi! I have used some of their other.products and was quite pleased with them. Looking forward to trying the Elastiderm! Thank you Sayn Beauty 😊


I am so happy with my online purchase, I got a Balmain XL round brush 43mm I love it! Shipping was incredibly fast! They send me some samples I am sure I will enjoy. Thank you, Sayn Beauty!

Giselle Silva
Balmain Extra Long Barrel Ceramic Round Brush

A good purchase. The brush was a bit pricey, but I cannot find an extra long barrel brush anywhere so had to purchase. I can use it very well when blowdrying my hair and the extra long barrel ensures that my hair does not get twisted around the handle end and tangle.