A La Maison

Rosemary Mint - Body Wash (3 Pack)


Traditional French-milled Rosemary Body Wash Soap is high-quality, smooth, calming, and 100% vegetable-based suited for all skin types.

Size: 25.36 oz


For Bath & Shower

Filtered Water, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Argan Oil, Tocopherol, Fragrance Blend with Plant Extracts and Essential Oils

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kathy Mason
Ms K Mason

This body wash is the bomb. I especially like the scent because it agrees with my sense of smell. It is so relaxing and invigorating. I thank the makers of this fine product and I will continue to purchase it. Thanks again

Kathy Mason
Satisfied Customer

Marian Stephens
Ever see a man getexcited about soap?

We've been sampling different hand soaps for a few months, and my husband ordered this soap. Then we washed out hands. The smile that came over his face from the scent was NUTS!! He doesn't usually get excited about anything...literally. This soap did it. A couple weeks later I ordered a few bottles of the body wash size for him as a surprise (I never get to surprise him). He LOVES it! He's got the hand soap at his sink and one of the big bottles in the shower! It really is a beautiful scent and makes your skin feel so clean and soft! This will be our go-to soap and I look forward to trying other scents.

Jeannette D.
Really good if you have sensitive skin

I’ve been using this soap for a couple years now. Really love this product! The consistency is pretty thin but personally I don’t mind it lathers up really nice and smells good. My skin is pretty sensitive when it comes to certain products and this one does just fine for me. Plus I really love this brand they have a bunch of really great products.

Tabitha Munoz
Luxurious, pampers, and of course, smells amazing!

I have been buying this product in the hand wash ( the A La Maison hand and Body Wash -Sweet Almond-) for years, it has such a delicious sweet almond aroma that almost has an underlying soft cherry sent to it. It reminds me very much of the soap that my grandmother always kept by all of her sinks. So the scent is very nostalgic and the product itself Is in a beautiful bottle with a beautiful label and contains high-quality moisturizing ingredients. I was unaware that they also made it in a body wash/bubble bath. This is also a luxury item that Smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling clean, pampered, and smooth! I am so glad I discovered the perfect paring to my favorite hand wash, with the same amazing indulgent scent.

Caroline Powers
Really like this stuff

Smells great. Turn the pump dispenser back to closed when you're done in the shower, and the scent will last longer in the bottle. No, you won't walk out of the shower with a haze of honeysuckle smell around you, it's all natural not chemicals, but it smells lovely as you lather and apply it. Works well as a soap, no residue, cleans well but not harshly (lots of oils in it so not good as a shampoo).