Tibetans have described thinking as writing on water.

Water itself is a fantastic analogy for thinking. Our thoughts eddy and whirl as they flow like streams. They can seem to rain down on us like a shower or surround and soak us like a bath. We cannot stop our thinking, like the ceaseless tide. And our thoughts carry incredible power.

One of the keys of mindfulness is to befriend your thoughts. Imagine your thinking as something you hold gently in your hands. You hold it in awareness within a particular moment. Remove any judgment from the thoughts and be kind toward them.

Mindfulness is not seeking to eliminate any negative or critical thoughts that may appear, but rather to uplift them—and when they arise—to create more beneficial thinking that supports and benefits you most.

Bring awareness to water and bestow it with the qualities you want in your life. From the water you drink, to the water in which you bathe—imbue it with the ability to restore, revitalize, nurture, inspire, strengthen, and make joyful.

Drawing yourself a bath, light a candle, gently bathe with a favorite soap, and then settle in for a moment of mindful pause. Imagine the water not only moisturizing your skin but also warming it with gratitude, beauty, and happiness.

When showering, find yourself beneath the stream of water, breathe in its steam, and draw inner calmness from its steady, soothing percussion. Feel your body rewarded by the joyous play of the water against your skin. Bringing focus to the senses, enjoy the tactile feel of the soap, the fragrance of it.

Savor water as it benefits your self-care and rejoice in it.